Socratic Circle – Intelligent automobiles?

Hello students,

This post was created on last year´s website for high school students.  The idea is that you can see the format and structure of Socratic Circle activity.


Topics for discussion will be selected by the teacher or students, and may consider the following areas:

  • 5th-6th: Conflict Resolution
  • 7th-8th: Immigration or Science & Technology, Environmental Issues
  • 9th – 11th: Modern Day Politicians

Immigration Policies: Democratic Candidates

*Ex. Climate Change Debate for 7th-8th Graders:

Trump (2:35 – 3:309 vs. Dicaprio (1:50 – end)

Nat Geo Article on People´s distrust in Science

Lincoln Debate & Critical Thinking 2015


You will read the following article and you must come up with three questions for next class.  The idea is that your questions can be discussed, that they are not simply comprehension questions, rather they are critical thinking questions you can bring to the circle.


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