Logical Fallacies


Hi students!  The focus of Unit 3 is rebuttal.

Simple Definition of rebut

  • : to prove (something) is false by using arguments or evidence.

The concept of rebuttal connects nicely with our virtue for unit 3: HONESTY.

The skills and learning objectives are the following:

Infer that something does not make sense or sound correct when a person has stated a weak or fallacious argument.

Classify the different fallacies that are typically committed in debates.

Criticize a weak or fallacious argument, stating why in fact the logic is not sound.

To be able to give solid rebuttal, you must first be able to infer that there are flaws in arguments.  You will see that once you have learned about the fallacies, that it is almost impossible to produce an absolutely perfect argument!  So understanding the fallacies will make it difficult for somebody to prove you wrong!

Remember, we are working with the Virtue of HONESTY, and as Aristotle and Socrates said that one can be very persuasive using tricky tactics to falsely win over an audience, but what we should be most concerned with is seeking the truth with logical evidence that proves it to be true!

Sir Sam´s 10 favorites… 



…more Trump Fallacies:




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