WSDC Debate Format


Let´s face it!  Debating is fun!  Team sports are fun!  Competition is fun!  School debate competitions are teams sports.  You have two teams (usually with 3 people per side), and at the end of the debate, one of those teams will win, and one of those teams, despite performing well, will lose.   That is sport.  The thrill of victory!  The agony of defeat!  🙂

This unit we will learn how schools debate competitively.  There is a lot to learn, so let´s begin!

The virtue for Unit 3 is Honesty, which has everything to do with fair play!!

The learning objectives and skills are the following:

Analyze the WSDC 3 versus 3 Format.

Compare and Contrast the roles that each speaker must fulfill, as well the job of

Side Proposition and Side Opposition.

Develop a complete case for the side students represent in a debate.

3 vs 3 Format:


World schools debate championships


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