Unit 6 – Refining Persuasion

With the end of the year in site, we must persevere.  Part of persevering involves refining, which is making some small, detailed adjustments to better something.

By now you should at least have an idea of what makes a strong argument, as well you should be able to tell a good speech from a not so good one.  So let´s put the two together and focus on persuasion.

Prepare an argument using one of these ¨silly¨ debate topics, or your own, and present it in a way that is serious, persuading and convincing!

How can you use your voice, your eyes and your body movements to make people believe you?  How can you appear to be more confident and less nervous?  

The speech will be 1 minute.  You might read it once without paying attention to style, then a second time with style focus…  😉

Argument Ideas.


  1. There is life on other planets.
  2. Dogs are the smartest animals.
  3. Everything sounds better with an English accent.
  4. Pink is a man´s color._ml_p2p_pc_badge_tallest15
  5. Dating advice should be taught in school.
  6. Showering is not necessary.
  7. Vladimir Putin is a fictional character.  252261-830-366
  8. The US election was decided by Facebook. (and propoganda)
  9. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
  10. The glass is half full.


Given the short time we have left, grades for adequate speeches will be given between 6.0-7.0 using the following format:

No time for speech = repeat class average.

Time for speech, but not completed = 2.0

Speech, but no argument, and/or not taken seriously = 4.0-5.0

Persuasive speech alone = 6.0

Extra components to earn a maximum score = 7.0, are the following:

Eye contact = +0.2, Body language = +0.2, Pauses = +0.2, Word/Syllable stresses = +0.2, Within time limit (45-75 sec.)  = +0.2